Arrival of CASEST Post-docs

We are pleased to welcome in the CASEST project our 2 new researchers for 18 months post-doctoral contracts.


Beatriz Bellón has recently defended her thesis on the use of a remote sensing-based landscape approach for the mapping of the agricultural land use in two tropical savanna regions in Brazil and West Africa.

During this post-doc, she will work for the CASEST project on a spatially explicit landscape and land-use dynamics modeling approach


Julien Blanco is an early career French researcher working in the field of human-nature relationships with a focus on local management and perceptions of trees and forested areas in agricultural landscapes. Over the last 8 years, he has worked alongside local communities and conducted long-term fieldwork in tropical and temperate countries, especially in Vanuatu, Morocco and France.

During this post-doc, he will work for the CASEST project on a stakeholders and mental map approach.

They will both be based in the University of Angers, but they will spend a very significant amount of time in Brazil, South Africa and Zimbabwe.

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