Working trip of the CASEST team in Garden Route, South Africa – October 2018

CASEST actively participated to the 2nd edition of the GRIM (Garden Route Interface Meeting). This international annual event took place in South Africa in October 2018. 

For CASEST, that was a great opportunity to introduce the project and the team to a network of 75 researchers and practitioners interested in social-ecological. (2 talks and 1 poster)

Our participation allowed us to strengthen 2 scientific partnerships with:

In the margins of the GRIM, we also organised workshops with some of the CASEST collaborators.

These workshops allowed us to advance:

  • A literature review project on protected areas’ interfaces (PAI) that will address 3 questions: (i) How are PAI define, (ii) how do they interact with PA, (iii) what are the identified sustainable management strategies and current research challenges.
  • An updated calendar and a scientific program for the CASEST project

Following the GRIM event, Beatriz Bellón & Julien Blanco (Post-doctoral researchers of CASEST) had the chance to participate to 6 days of the first School on Social-Ecological Systems Research.

It was a really grat opportunity for them to expand their network, particularly among South African and Zimbabwean students.

“What we have really enjoyed about this thematic school is its “learning by doing” approach that enabled us to explore a real-world case study and conduct a concrete research project through teamwork”

“It was very exciting to collaborate with other young researchers coming from very different academic backgrounds and cultures. The interdisciplinary and multicultural exchange has been really eye-opening and enriching to us”

Based on the success of this 1st edition, the GRIM Spring School set to become a regular yearly ‘rendez-vous’.

It was also a great opportunity to held video interviews of Hervé Fritz (LBBE, University of Lyon, France, Head of the ZA Zimbabwe) and Chloé Guerbois (Nelson Mandela University, South Africa). These interviews will be integrated into the web document being created for the CASEST project. These sequences present the scientific challenges of the CASEST project.

2019 will be very busy. Save the dates:

  • Field works in Zimbabwe and Brasil
  • CASEST Workshop in Campo Grande and Bonito (Brazil) from +May, 27th to June 2nd) and in Zimbabwe (to be define)
  • The provisional dates for GRIM-2019 are 17-19 September 2019 – And CASEST will be there…
  • Visiting of Christo Fabricius and Camille Jahel at LETG-laboratory (Angers University) in September 2019

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